Oxford English
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This is a good time to introduce you to a few of the teachers you might meet, and to tell you about the University of Oxford Department of Educational Studies where some of the courses are held.

 William deMarvell

My name is Will and I'm one of the trainers on the English Language Development Programme. Learning with enjoyment, interest, and fun, is more effective than any other way of learning a foreign language.

Sharing information, communicating ideas and expressing feelings, are vital aspects our lives. So it's very important to create a language environment that represents real life, train in that environment, and activate the student's passive understanding in the most positive, realistic, and successful way.

 Rps Lynes

My name's Ros Lynes and I teach English Skills For Communication. Most of our courses last less than two weeks and students often ask me what they can learn in such a short time.

In your own country you speak your own language. Here, in England, you'll be using English continually. In your coffee breaks, at lunch, in the pub in the evening, and over breakfast with the family you stay with. You'll have to use the telephone, book tickets, find your way around, write letters, discover Oxford, and live through the course programme. It can be stressful using a second language to communicate all the time, so we aim to make the courses as friendly and as relaxing as possible.

The way we teach encourages you to be independent as you learn, how to recognise your mistakes, how to correct yourself, and how to continue learning back in your own country. Of course, the English you learn is not just for work. Many students stay on longer in Oxford, or travel around the country.

Maybe you'll want to come back with your family for a holiday. And of course, English is spoken in the US, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, and many other parts of the world.

Mike Peck

My name's Mike Peck and I teach Communication Training. The courses here in Oxford are superb. It's a different kind of training that enables you speak and write in a practical, teamwork environment, rather than learn formally in a classroom in your own country. It immerses you in the language and the people, encouraging you to develop your communication abilities.


The English Language Development Programme is an academic guest at the University Of Oxford Department For Continuing Education, the home of our English facilities.

The English Language Development Programme provides the Euroversity Seminars: English language courses for commerce, business, education, management, communication, science, technology, and other professional areas.

The Department For Continuing Education provides the English Language Development Programme with its training facilities and educational services, and educational training for post-graduates and teachers in service. It's also home to various educational and international projects, including a full programme of adult education courses.

The building is set in beautiful surroundings, near the university parks, and has its own secluded and restful garden. Training and common room facilities are excellent and the staff are helpful and supportive.


As commissioners of University Language Teaching Centres, and in close association with University Departments of Continuing Education, the ELDP provides course programmes which combine work experience with academic disciplines.

The ELDP is associated with European and International University Project Groups and, as The Centre For Advanced Studies, was accredited by The University of Oxford Local Examination Delegacy in 1976.

The CAS is not a language school, a college, or a university. It's an independent educational facility: a consultancy which, through the ELDP, provides professional development training for companies, organisations, universities, groups, and individuals.