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The English Language Development Programme provides Euroversity Seminars: English language courses for business, communication, education, management, science, technology, and other professional areas. The seminars are held in your own country or Oxford, England, and are an opportunity to use, understand, and remember the English language.

Through the English Language Development Programme, you can improve your personal, social, and business English; learn to read, write, and speak English effectively; and express your thoughts, feelings, and ideas, using a natural style and a modern vocabulary.


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It's simple. English is the international language for business, science, technology, the internet, and travel, and more and more people speak it as a first or second language. So Learning English is your passport to easy and successful worldwide communication.

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The English Language Development Programme provides Euroversity Seminars: English language training for business, communication, education, management, science, technology, and other professional areas.

The Euroversity Seminars are a unique learning experience that support your company's English language development strategy.

Improving your English helps you to meet new people, explain your thoughts, express your feelings, share your ideas, make a better social life, and enjoy your holidays.

Within education, schools, colleges and universities, you can develop the skill that you use most. So much depends on the way you write and speak. From passing exams to teaching others. From making lifelong friends to starting a rewarding job.

In business, industry, and finance, you can be successful, build good relationships, entertain new friends, improve your career opportunities, and make much better use of the internet.

In management, it means that you can deal effectively and confidently with international communication, conferences, multi-national projects, and contracts. And avoid expensive mis-understandings, particularly in these key areas:

List meeting and greeting people
List making and taking telephone calls
List understanding and writing business letters
List making offers, preparing estimates, and processing orders
List understanding and writing specifications
List dealing with information technology
List understanding and interpreting commercial documents
List understanding and writing technical literature
List hosting customers and suppliers
List negotiating with foreign businesses
List making presentations and preparing conference papers
List business trips abroad

The Oxford English Language Development Programme is more immediate and more successful than conventional teaching methods. The courses are interesting, stimulating, and supportive, and provide the focus for any company's English language development strategy.

Learn English for business, communication, education, management, science, and technology, in your own country or in Oxford, England, with the English Language Development Programme.

The courses are not stand-alone crash courses in general English. They're a joint venture with you and your company to make certain you get the English you want and need. They're not a business expense. They're an investment in the future.


English Language Development Programme courses for companies are held in continental Europe and in Oxford, England. Courses for individuals and small groups are held in Oxford. Both can lead to recognised professional qualifications.

If you're interested in English language development for your company, or learning English privately in Oxford, read more. Then mail or call to receive information about the courses.

If you want to learn English on-line, you can subscribe to Learning English using the link above the menu bar near the top of the page.


As commissioners of university language teaching centres, and in close association with university departments of continuing education, the EUROVERSITY CENTRE provides course programmes which combine work experience with academic disciplines. The Centre was accredited by The University of Oxford Local Examination Delegacy as The Centre For Advanced Studies, in 1976.

In 1992, The Centre For Advanced Studies became the Euroversity Operations Centre, now THE EUROVERSITY CENTRE guided by an Academic Advisory Council and a Charter of Declarations. The Euroversity Centre is associated with European and international university project groups. Our course programmes in England take place in the facilities of Oxford University.

The Euroversity Centre partners universities, colleges, and language schools as an INDEPENDENT EDUCATIONAL FACILITY, an academic consultancy which provides professional development training for universities, organisations, companies, groups, and individuals.


The English Language Development Programme provides the Euroversity Seminars: English language courses for commerce, business, education, management, communication, science, technology, and other professional areas.

The ELDP is committed to innovation, development and educational excellence, so courses will be described in forward-looking language. However, as we depend on people, the product, content, and services may differ from any description or explanation.